BioCPV is one of the BURD (Bridging the Urban and Rural Divide) projects to tackle the challenges to make rural living more sustainable together by the UK and Indian Governments. This project will have three main themes:

  • Rural Energy and Renewable Resources — Mapping of the demand and supply of the energy at the community level, surveying the potential of existing biomass and renewable energy resources for low cost sustainable power generation. Engagement of local communities for survey, development and maintenance of the proposed power plant is another key issue to make the local community self-sustainable.
  • Sustainable Development of Community and Business Enterprise — Assessing and implementing the possibilities of sustainable development in terms of healthcare and education with the energy supply. Developing new business strategies with sustaining energy generation at a community level is another theme.
  • Hybrid Energy Systems — This project seeks to develop a new class of solar Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) system to integrate with Biomass and waste power generation as a backup source and develop high efficiency hydrogen generation and storage from the integrated systems.

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